A combination of
search engine optimization
and digital marketing

Do you want more traffic and revenue? As part of an ongoing search marketing strategy, I combine current search ranking signals into every part of the digital marketing process. Here is how I do it:


Twenty eight percent of the SEO effort focuses on your brand

keywords, categories, proximity, uniqueness, etc.

Achieving a strong online presence requires more than setting up a website. While a website is an important step towards getting your business online, consumers also need to find and seamlessly interact with your brand-- from the initial ad impression, where they first encounter your brand, all the way through to the very last touch point. That is why continuity between visual design and content strategy is the foundation of digital marketing success, no matter the channel on which your brand appears.


Twenty five percent of the SEO effort focuses on your website

on-page (technical), on-page (content), user signals, social, etc.

Think of your website as the hub for all of your marketing activity. Your social presence, local listings, and even your email campaigns are not as critical to your long-term success online as your website. We make it as clear as possible for search engines and people to understand what each page is about. It accounts for approximately 25% of how your website is scored and ranked on Google, and is worth tackling first since it can be improved quickly and will make your web pages more relevant to your audience.


Thirty percent of the SEO effort focuses on your visibility

NAP consistency, citation volume, link signals, authority, etc.

The potential to attract new customers via local search, organic search and display ads is enormous. Since modern marketing is no longer linear, strong brands focus on a mix of techniques to achieve success; and that's where we come in, providing you with our best recommendations. We start small and incrementally create online marketing campaigns that increase your visibility online. As the project matures, we gather performance data to understand which combinations are profitable and which ones need improvement.


Seventeen percent of the SEO effort focuses on your visibility

social signals, reviews ratings, quality, velocity, diversity, etc.

It's never been easier to find what we want, to gather useful information, and to share when things go well (and when they don't). This has made marketing better for everyone. The social component of SEO is growing stronger with each passing year, and learning to participate in the social spaces your customers prefer can be a smart move for nearly any local business. In terms of making the most of your time, spend it on the sites where your customers are (just because you think you should be on Facebook, doesn't necessarily mean it will pan out for you).

SEO Consulting Services

My team of associates and I have grown to become an effective full service SEO agency based in Peterborough ON, Canada

  • Training and Support

    Website Audit

    All Audits are itemized and written with clarity, precision and concision for businesses of any size.

  • Research and Planning

    Learning about your online competition and your different visitor types and intentions is the first step towards success online.

  • On-page SEO icon

    Site Optimization

    Current on-page ranking signals fused with a strong technical site structure and performance is one of the absolute basics of SEO.

  • Reporting icon

    Understand how people find your business and interact with your content, so you can reach more of the right customers.

  • Web design icon

    Looks truly do affect how you rank. Our website designs are easy to navigate and lead to higher visitor engagement, retention, and conversions.

  • Local Marketing

    Campaign Plan

    Stop hiding in plain sight. Let's create local business listings and modern marketing campaigns that increase your website's visibility on Google.

  • Social Media icon

    Social Advertising

    Reach out to people who are talking about your brand and transform one-sided mentions into conversations and relationships.

  • Content Strategy

    Strong content is at the core of every successful digital campaign - let's create a meaningful dialogue with your audience that pulls them towards result.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) and Display Ads

    Paid Search

    PPC and display ads increase qualified traffic to your site immediately while we work on implementing long-term tactics such as organic SEO.

  • Training and Support


    Guidance you need to make sure you regain your website's organic search placements for continued business growth and success.

  • Training and Support

    SEO Consulting

    There are many viable SEO techniques, both on-site and off-site. Start with any SEO budget. Grow with scalability, training and support.