How much does local SEO cost for small businesses?

By Cory Marazzo on

If you’re like most small businesses and use a pre-built website, with less pages than you have fingers, you’re probably wondering what it takes to earn more traffic to your website. I have good news for you… it can only go up from here!

You’re going to need to invest more time and/or money into a content strategy. The easiest way to justify a content strategy is the simple fact: if the content doesn’t exist there is no way to show up in search results when someone searches for it. It’s basically about providing search engines meaningful information, in a way that is easily processed and presented to users, to answer a given search query.

Before working on a content strategy, I recommend an SEO Audit, comparing your website to the companies outranking you on the search results page. From there we can get a better understanding of how big the gap is and establish a process. The larger and more competitive your target market, the more expensive SEO will be. The cost for SEO services starts around $400 a month and goes up into the thousand range pretty fast, with a larger investment upfront during the research, discovery and setup stages. There are lots of good reasons to keep an SEO Consultant on retainer, but there is long-term value in training your in-house team to absorb some of the activities.

It’s best to set an annual marketing budget because some months may require more or less activity than others. This approach will free up extra budget for larger activities and becomes more relevant as your marketing matures year-over-year. Think of it like a race; the timing and effort invested impacts the outcome. Slowing down gives your competition a chance to catch up, speeding up requires more investment (time/money) but gets you ahead.

My team would design, develop, execute and optimize all the assets required during the campaign. That way, we can take care of everything and simply show the results via one-page monthly reports and more detailed reports every quarter. Alternatively, we can also collaborate with your in-house team and offer SEO training and support so that you can eventually manage almost everything in-house.

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