Creating a Web Site Experience based in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

By Cory Marazzo on

When implementing an integrated online marketing solution for your business, how to measure its success will be based around its conversion rate optimization. The bottom line to your website should be to convert visitors into customers — the percentage of visitors that one is able to convert into paying customers is defined as your conversion rate. In order to optimize this rate, one must focus on creating the most optimum experience for your target audience in order to get them to act.

The first step towards conversion rate optimization is to define what that action is. This could be any number of things — making a purchase, downloading your app, registering for a service, or creating an account with a login and password. This action is what will be used as a base to craft your conversion rate optimization strategy around.

The second step is then to craft a user experience that improves the performance of your website. This means allowing visitors to seamlessly browse a structured website that appeals to them. This is dependent upon you knowing what the target audience is for your website.

When crafting a high-performance user experience, this can be approached from two distinct perspectives. If one does not have a website yet, utilizing your competitors as an example, one can model their website based off of their successful counterparts and adapt their web design to your vision. If one does have a website already, one can use analytical insights as well as any user feedback they may receive in order to craft a better design.

Optimization centers on knowing the action you want your customer to take as well as being able to define the objectives of your website and learning how to maximize the traffic you already have. This is why it is far more important to learn how to serve your existing customer base than in how to satisfy those that are not yet customers. Learn what your audience likes in a website design by paying attention to others in your market and give to your target audience what they want in website design. The website design should not stand out on its own as an impressive art design but instead, should be used to support the message you’ve chosen to model.

As important as it is to know what conversion rate optimization is, it’s important to know what it isn’t. This isn’t a game of guesses or hunches. This is based off of market research and analytical data that gives you a clear vision for what works and what doesn’t. Through this evidence, one will be able to craft the ultimate user experience for their customers — one that isn’t based around gaining as many users as possible but instead focuses on quality and how to engage the visitors that are there.

To put it simply, conversion rate optimization is about finding out how to serve the customers that are already there and not about the attraction of visitors. This is a game of conversion. This isn’t about more visitors, this is about more customers.

When working with a professional conversion rate optimization strategist, one will be able to identify their key numbers such as their conversion rate, bounce rate, exit rate, average time on site, and average page views. These are the metrics that matter most and that will be used to guide your entire strategy. The reason why sites such as Amazon, Apple, GQ, and General Electric have been as successful they have been has to do with them knowing how to use these numbers to their advantage. With a conversion rate expert at your side, one will be able to turn a click into a customer at a rate you’ve never seen before.

What this translates to is more exposure for your website, more customers, and more profits. If your conversion rate is already high and you don’t know if you can increase it any further, know that you can with a leading conversion rate authority. When undergoing the conversion rate optimization process, one must be able and open to changing their businesses and/or websites significantly in order to simplify your message and gain more customers. This is a long-term process of understanding which parts of your business are under-performing and emphasizing the areas of your business that would benefit from better performance. With a conversion rate expert at your side, all this and more is possible.