Content Marketing

Search engines are becoming faster, predictive and conversational. The practice of stuffing keywords into your website content is no longer a viable option, focus must shift from targeting keywords to answering questions.

Our approach helps determine what kind of questions your target audience is asking; we supply the content for each type of question, and use structured data to help search engines understand what each page is about.

There’s always going to be a bigger company with an established audience and a larger budget than you have to play with. We understand that. We focus on tracking outcomes and repurposing your top performing content to no only get you competitive with these companies but, in certain cases, outrank them in search results.

Through an ongoing content marketing strategy, we aim to build your exposure in brand awareness, authority, credibility, social media, and – most importantly – conversion rates. The landscape of online marketing is in a constant state of change, what’s successful today may not be what’s successful six months to a year from now. We stay on top of the latest trends in digital marketing to ensure that you’re putting the best foot forward.

Our content strategies are designed to bring your business to see long-term growth. Traditional, intrusive marketing communications are no longer the lay of the land. The genuine, customer-focused information that content strategy delivers is the most effective form of advertising.

Let my team of SEO copywriters assist your business in creating a content strategy that works for you.