Customized business tracking in Google Analytics

In order to be able to reach more customers, it’s important to understand how people find your business and how they interact with the content available to them on your website.
We utilize extensive analytics to monitor the effectiveness of all of our clients’ pages in order to re-structure what isn’t working and push what is to the forefront.

No matter how many channels you have to attract customers, if your product or service isn’t worth it then no one’s going to want to opt in. We employ analytics that will comb through your site page by page. It’s imperative that your website is clear, concise, and has the necessary content to keep visitors clicking. Site optimization is key. Your website is the best salesperson you have and it’s important that it’s presented in the most appropriate way. With our analytics, we can monitor your growth short-term and long-term to give you feedback on what needs to be changed.

The other side of the coin to analytics is in determining where your customers are coming from. It will be different for every business. Some may see an influx of clientele from search engines. This is a major source of clientele for many businesses. Others may see customers coming to them via Twitter, Facebook, or another social media platform. This is also common. We’ll identify which strategies are effective for your business and will work to develop these over the long-term in order to provide your business with a reliable flow of customers.

It’s important not to rely specifically on one method of getting customers which is why we will work to develop several for your business. What’s working today won’t necessarily work tomorrow. For example, take a look at a website created in 2002 and compare it to a website in 2014. These are two very different beasts. Marketing is a living, breathing entity. We’ll ensure that all of your online goals are reached through analyzing your growth over the long-term as a way to continue creating new strategies to help proper your success.

Our mentality has always been to build, market, analyze, and optimize. With my team of growth and analytic experts at your side, we’ll be able to give you the metrics as they are, help you interpret what they’re saying, and produce actionable ideas to carry your business to the next level.